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Twitter by Apple cover.jpg

This concept imagines what Twitter might look like if Apple was to buy it and incorporate it into their ecosystem as a social media platform for those in the Apple ecosystem.


A big part of this concept is the new design. This reimagined Twitter has a new interface which integrates many of the features on iOS and integrates them into Twitter. Elements of the design are also updated to go hand-in-hand visually with other Apple design elements.

Design no Text.jpg


Direct Messages have been updated and now integrate iMessage, one of Apple's most popular services, directly into the app. This new Direct Messages design creates even more connection between Twitter and your favourite Apple services.

DM no Text.jpg


One of my favourite features in this concept is Status. This feature allows you to let others know your status. With iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey, Apple introduced Focus, a feature which allows you to customize notifications and be in the moment more than was previously possible. Focus is also integrated, meaning that others can see not only when you're online but also when you have custom Focus enabled.

Status no Text.jpg

Live Text

Another new feature in iOS 15 is also now integrated: Live Text! Live Text being built right into Twitter allows you to do everything Live Text enables, including translating text detected in images, finding what breed of dog is detected in an image and much more. 

Live Text no Text.jpg

Thanks for checking out this concept! Let me know if you have any feedback or any concepts you'd like me to make on Twitter @maxbalzer_!

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